Syncplicity 6.4

Backup files and folders to the cloud and share with others

Syncplicity is a desktop client intended to use the services provided by the homonymous cloud storage service. As with many other tools of the same kind, its main purpose is to allow accessing files from different devices or sharing them with other users. In order to use the program, you first need to create a Syncplicity account. However, since Syncplicity is also available from its web interface, you do not actually have to install the software on all your device. Thus, the shared data is available regardless of the operating system.

It is important to note, though, that using the desktop client gives you the benefit of a friendlier interface and some additional features. When it starts, the program hides in the system tray, from where you can access the file manager and its configuration. There is even the possibility of uploading files to your online space and sharing them with others by simply using the contextual menu from Windows Explorer.

The program also lets you configure your account and connection. In this regard, you are allowed to set a bandwidth limit or create an exclusion list to prevent some sensitive files from being accidentally shared.

All in all, Syncplicity lets you access and share files independently of the type of device and operating system. It derives its advantages from those of the storage-on-cloud service, which offers a decent transfer speed and a generous amount of space (10 Gb) at no cost for a month. The desktop product as such is free but you can buy additional capacity if you desire or when the trial period expires. However, you should know that other cloud-sharing providers may guarantee similar basic services without spending any money.

Pedro Castro
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  • Contextual menu integration
  • High speed transfers
  • Exclusion list
  • Bandwidth limits
  • Shares files on multiple devices and operating systems


  • No actually free accounts
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